Tonnage rating pointmm776
Stroke lengthmm200250280
Number of strokespm20~4015~3510~30
Die heightmm450500550
Slide adjustmentmm100120120
Slide areaL · Rmm200021102400
 F · Bmm580700800
Bolster area L · Rmm225025002800
F · Bmm7608501000
Working heightmm9101000965
Main motorkw×p18.5 × 422 × 422 × 4
Slide adjust motorkw×p1.5 × 41.5 × 41.5 × 4
Air pressurekgʳ/cm²555
Die cushion
Capacityton7 × 29 × 214 × 2
Stroke lengthmm80110120
Pad areaL·Rmm90010001300
Dimension(L.R X F.B X H)mm2550×1995×40902800×2510×43503080×2510×4710

◈ Core Competency and Advanced Technology ◈

1. Wide bolster and Slide

  • Progressive mold response to maintain high productivity
  • C-type frame application ensures workability
  • High precision products
  • Clearance balance for mold lifetime

2. . Smart Touch Screen Control and Monitoring (using PLC)

  • Optical magnetic contactless point with low failure rate and semi-permanent location
  • Display machine malfunctions sequentially on the touchscreen
  • Set and modify the key operating values of the machine by operating the touchpad on the control panel briefly.
  • Application of Japanese inverter to implement a strong torque

3. Korean/English character display of Operation mode and error cause

  • Display the current machine status in Korean or English characters on the touchscreen window.
  • Simultaneous display functions, such as error indication, inspection elements, and trouble shooting, make it easier to respond